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“The best books if you love upstairs/downstairs historical sagas with a mystery twist”Shepherd.com
Author Interview – on Paper Lantern Writers
Author Interview – with Mary Helen Sheriff, Gift of Story
“Hot Marketing Tips”  –  Chanticleer Book Reviews 
Author Interview – on Book Trib
Author Interview – on American Historical Novels/Goodreads
“An Instinct For The Past” – with Sara Zama, The Old Shelter
“A Writer of History” with MK Tod  – History Imagined Blog
“10 Q’s With Michelle Cox” – Women Who Write
“What’s On Your Nightstand?” – Booksparks
“Sacrifice Redefined” – with Marina Neary, CT Commie Tiger Mommy blog
Author Interview – with Jill Hannah Anderson, SharingYourBook blog
“The Path to Publication” – with Christine Henderson, The Write Chris
“Finding Success With a Hybrid Press” – with Sandra Hutchinson, Sheer Hubris Press
“Chicago History andMystery” – with Wayne Turmel, Wayne Turmel
Author Interview – Hey, There’s a Dead Guy on the Floor
Author Interview – with Elizabeth Caulfield Felt, Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

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