Reviews for “A Ring of Truth”!

An engaging and effective romp rich with historical details.” Kirkus

There is a rare kind of coherence and structure to the plot of this novel that is hard to find in most works. The characterization in the novel is also quite brilliant. The author has created a few memorable characters that the reader will love to hate and hate to love.” 4 out of 4 stars! – Online

There’s a lot to love about the bloodhound couple at the center of this cozy mystery.” Foreword Reviews

Set in the 1930s, this romantic mystery combines the teetering elegance of Downton Abbey and the staid traditions of Pride and Prejudice with a bit of spunk and determination that suggest Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs.” – Booklist

The second book of this mystery series is laced with fiery romance so delicious every reader will struggle to put it down. If you devoured Pride and Prejudice, this love story will get your heart beating just as fast.” Redbook, “20 Books By Women You Must Read This Spring”

The characters are well-drawn, with depth. Cox builds anticipation by foreshadowing issues that will come up in future volumes of the series. Hen and Clive’s romance is real and touching. I’m sorry the cliffhanger ending means I’ll be kept waiting to find out what happens to the characters next.” – Historical Novel Society

Henrietta and Inspector Howard make a charming odd couple in A Ring of Truth, mixing mystery and romance in a fizzy 1930s cocktail.” Hallie Ephron, New York Times bestselling author of Night Night, Sleep Tight

Brimming with dark plot on every page, this unpredictable literary thrill ride will transport you to the heart of 1930s Chicago and the love story of a lifetime.” PopSugar, “11 Reads to Get You Through Cuffing Season”

The crème de la crème of historical fiction, A Ring of Truth is the unpredictable mystery you’ll be reading and rereading for the rest of 2017.” Brit+Co, “5 Refreshing Books for a Spring Escape”

A 1930s Chicagoan love story with a heavy dose of thrilling mystery…the absolutely unputdownable sequel that centers around Clive’s mysterious fortune and strange wrath of his affluent family.” Bookstr, “10 Historical Fiction Reads for Spring”

The author does an excellent job of bringing the 1930s to life with the Chicago setting and details true to the era. Henrietta . . . is the perfect match for Clive, the enigmatic hero in the story. The couple’s chemistry is endearing as well.” – Reader Views

Michelle Cox has crafted a sensational story with an exciting setting that readers will enjoy navigating. I enjoyed the masterful use of contrast which is developed at different levels of the story. The characters are fun to stick around with and Clive and Henrietta are well-developed, real, and memorable. They are an incredible pair of sleuths and the reader learns to care about them as they are eager to see what happens at the end. A Ring of Truth: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard novel features great writing with exceptional dialogues and a plot that is swiftly paced, driven by a strong conflict. This book was great entertainment.”  – Readers’ Favorite