Reviews for “A Girl Like You”!

Flavored with 1930s slang and fashion, this first volume in what one hopes will be a long series is absorbing. Henrietta and Clive are a sexy, endearing, and downright fun pair of sleuths. Readers will not see the final twist coming.” – Library Journal, Starred Review 

Fans of spunky, historical heroines will love Henrietta Von Harmon. Taking bets and serving drinks as a “26 girl” (operator of a dice game) at a local tavern in her 1935 North Side Chicago neighborhood, Henrietta helps support her mother and seven siblings. Needing more money, she takes a job as a dance-hall girl and meets roguish Inspector Clive Howard of the Chicago PD. He asks Henrietta to go undercover at a burlesque house, where girls have gone missing. Up for an adventure, and eager to have a reason to keep seeing the copper, Henrietta lies to her mother about how she’s spending her evenings and dons a skimpy usherette outfit. She gains the confidence of her new coworkers and talks her way into being a girl who gets called “behind the green door.” But does Henrietta really know what she’s getting herself into? And can Inspector Howard save her virtue in time? Henrietta is irrepressible, and fans of post-Prohibition moxie will anxiously await a sequel.” — Booklist, Starred Review

Michelle Cox masterfully recreates 1930s Chicago in A Girl Like You, bringing to life its diverse neighborhoods and eclectic residents, as well as its seedy side. Henrietta and Inspector Howard are the best pair of sleuths I’ve come across in ages—Cox makes us care not just about the case, but about her characters. A fantastic start to what is sure to be a long running series.” — Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of The Adventuress

Top 5 Historical Fication Reads for Romance Lovers” Chicago in the 1930s – be still, our history-obsessed hearts. Henrietta Von Harmon is struggling to maintain a positive outlook after the economic crash led her father to commit suicide. Responsible for her mother and younger siblings, Henrietta reluctantly takes a job at a local dance hall where the floor matron is soon murdered. Dashing inspector Clive Howard convinces Henrietta to go undercover in Chicago’s dark underworld of crime, and her mission for evidence leads to an undeniable romance sure to leave readers swooning. – Bookstr

Cox does an excellent job in her description of the era of the 1930s. Her characters are well developed and introduced in a timely manner. A Girl Like You is very intriguing, well written, and the plot very entertaining. Readers will be drawn into the sights, smells, and seedy side of Chicago.”  – Reader Views

Cox’s use of literary detail brings scenes into full focus as the reader anxiously races through the pages of this deliciously written cloak and dagger affair. A delightful story.” – Readers Favorite

Even if a mystery didn’t enfold, this would be a thoroughly satisfying novel…The embedded mystery, however, takes this book to another level, a feat of successful merging of genres.” – Chanticleer Reviews

Here is another wonderful mystery series set between the wars that is less Maisie Dobbs and more Amory Ames (albeit with a lower class main character) or Kate Shackleton but should appeal to fans of all between the wars mysteries or even just fiction for that matter.” – ReadSpace

Cox’s highly descriptive writing completely pulls you into the time period. In fact, her writing style was definitely my favorite part of the book, and was the element that really pulled everything together. A Girl Like You is the perfect mix between historical fiction, romance and murder mysteries.” – Online

Anyone who loves a good romance mixed with some mystery and intrigue will fall in love with Henrietta and Inspector Howard.” – Blogcritics

5 Historical Mysteries for Romance Lovers” But as the two continue to sleuth together, Henrietta realizes that the most difficult thing to keep under wraps might be her heart. – Buzzfeed

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