Thanks to all who entered my
Superfan/Library Lovers contest!

As a special thank you to all of my awesome readers, I’m going to be giving away copies of A Ring of Truth to YOUR favorite library! 

And the winners are:

  1. Clay County Public Library: Mary Marcus
  2. Hammond Community Library: Maryann Anderson
  3. San Francisco Public Library: Christie Nelson
  4. St. Louis Public Library: Julie Cracchiolo
  5. Evanston Public Library: Linda Gartz
  6. Somers Library: Christine Adler
  7. Western Dubuque High School Library: Cynthia McAndrew
  8. Braunfels Public Library: Diane LaCombe
  9. Grayslake Public Library: Scott Landy, Joyce Campbell, Larry Wilson, Mary Kleinofen, Larry Wilson, Kathy Hunter
  10. Ayden Library: Necole Bartley
  11. Oak Lawn Public Library: Meghan Moran
  12. Chicago Public Library (Craigan Branch): Gerry Statler
  13. Fennville District Library: Mary Brown
  14. Flint Public Library: Karol Conrad
  15. Van Buren Public Library: Jackie Riley
  16. Appleton Public Library: Nicki Mech
  17. West Boynton Beach Library: Betty Levenson
  18. Mendham Township Library: Jean Sagarese
  19. Kent County Library: Krisitie Dilcher
  20. Fariplay Library: Faith Creech
  21. John K. Tener Library: Andrea Guy
  22. Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library: Lisa Harness, Stephanie Finchem
  23. Carnegie Stout Library: Carolyn Wiezorek
  24. Oceanside Public Library: Sheila Golding
  25. McHenry Public Library: Laura Savage
  26. Calimesa Library: Betty Escobar
  27. Sayville Public Library: Antoinette Truglio Martin
  28. Wheaton Library: Melissa Amster, Tina Morna Freitas, Sue Schwab
  29. Traphill Branch Library: Ola Norman
  30. Yorkville Public Library: Karen Klein
  31. Paterson Public Library: Michelle Byfield
  32. Woodruff Library: Tammy Steele
  33. Crystal Lake Public Library: Janice Laird, Marjorie Natividad
  34. Oak Park Public Library: Paul Wheeler, Hiarie Pozesky, Melanie Halvorson
  35. Canastota Public Library: Heather Vinson
  36. Westport Library: Suzanne Leopold
  37. Baltimore County Public Library: Rose Marcin
  38. Brownwood Public Library: Pam Flynn
  39. Morton Grove Public Library: Mary Rita Shull
  40. Wicomico Public Library: Paula Riccobono
  41. Decorah Public Library: Amy Ryan
  42. Fountaindale Public Library: Stacey Roberson
  43. Moscow Public Library: Kimberly Hammond
  44. Lawton Public Library: Kala Saxon
  45. Sturgis Public Library: Joel Timmons
  46. Seaford District Library: Barbara Johnson
  47. Matheson Memorial Library: Judy Tucker
  48. Indianapolis Public Library: Mary Duffer
  49. Pike Country Public Library District: Gina Duncan
  50. Swisher Community Library: Kristin Verhorevoort
  51. Buffalo and Erie County Public Library: Susan Wald
  52. Chicago Public Library: Audrey Denecke
  53. St. Charles Public Library: Gail Krawczykowski
  54. Parkland Community Library: Jana Glassic
  55. Mansfield Public Library: Jenni Jenkins
  56. Cumberland Library: Patricia Doeg
  57. Ames Public Library: Monica Huyser
  58. Duluth Public Library: Amber Ooley
  59. Redmond Public Library: Tessa Floreano
  60. Anoka County Library: Jennifer Hevern
  61. North Providence Union Free Public Library: Rina Horenian
  62. Palatine Public Library: Lynn Char
  63. Cuyahoga County Public Library: Cherie Gravette
  64. Round Lake Area Public Library: Christine Gentes
  65. Glen Carbon Library: Melissa Gluntz
  66. Vernon Area Public Library: Mande Smogor, Michele Leivas
  67. Sam and Carmena Goss Memorial Library: Angie Middleton
  68. Leeds Jane Culbreth Library: Andrea McCarthy
  69. Andover Library: Katherine King
  70. Farmington Community Library: Laurie Blum
  71. Greenville County Library (Five Forks Branch): Jessica Chappell
  72. Carmichael Library: Bonnie Karoly
  73. Douglas County Library: Rebecca Wasniak
  74. Bonita Springs Public Library: Sarah Baker
  75. Harper Woods Library: Clemmie Jackson
  76. Pikes Peak Library District: Kim Lynch
  77. Saugerties Public Library: Tinamarie Fisco
  78. Claverack Free Library: Dawn Ruby
  79. Scurry County Library: Holly Flora
  80. Watertown Public Library: Gail Bartels

Remember!  Special photo op! If you’d like to be featured on my website, take a picture of yourself, your favorite librarian, and the books and send it to me!  I’d love to feature as many superfans and libraries as I can!